Knitted wire mesh is a wire mesh well known for its unique structure. As the name implies the wire is knitted with an industrial machine in the same way wool jerseys are knitted. The wire is arranged in a loop formation where through the next loop is hooked to form a hive like formation.  SMI is privileged to be in possession of twelve of these industrial knitting machines for the production of the best quality knitted wire mesh.

The production process associated with knitted wire mesh results in many advantages and practical application opportunities. The advantages are durability, flexibility, sustainability, compressibility, scrollable to only name a few.

The above-mentioned advantages make knitted wire mesh the perfect solution for practical problems. Practical applications for knitted wire mesh include but are not limited to:

  • Sound damping – used within motor exhausts’
  • Anti-theft – used within truck covered in canvas as a barrier to prevent canvas slashing
  • Preventing vandalism – used within bus seats to ensure durability
  • Distillation – used to remove sulphur from distillates like vodka, rum etc.

SMI can produce knitted mesh filter, knitted mesh fabric, knitted mesh engine breathers, knitted wire demister pad, knitted mesh mist eliminator, knitted wire mesh gaskets, knitted wire mufflers, knitted wire mesh shield etc.

Knitted wire mesh can be produced from a range of wires including stainless steel, aluminium, nickel, copper, copper-nickel alloys, galvanized steel etc. Knitted mesh is also considered unique in the fact that it can be made in to a variety of shapes and forms. Knitted mesh can be produced into the following shapes:  tapes, rolls, ginning knitted mesh and can take on the following forms: round disc, cylindrical, ring, rectangle, oval and many more.

SMI aims to provide our clients with the best possible service and quality of product. We provide knitted wire mesh in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes for your convenience.

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