Knitted wire mesh has a broad spectrum of applications which is why we decided to write a knitted wire mesh applications part 2. Here are some more interesting applications for knitted mesh:

1. Knitted wire mesh can be used as a method to protect against vandalism. Due to knitted wire mesh’s flexibility and durability the mesh can provide a structure that is slash resistant to protect bus seats from being vandalized. The knitted mesh prevents extensive damage by inhibiting the blade from slicing through the material.

2. Knitted wire mesh can be used to prevent theft from canvas covered trucks. When knitted wire mesh is placed beneath the canvas it prevents canvas slashing by inhibiting the blade from slicing through the material.

3. Knitted wire mesh can also be combined with synthetics to produce body armour. The ability of knitted wire mesh to prevent material slicing is extremely important in anti-slash jackets used by security enforcers.

4. Knitted wire mesh can be used in the distillation industry. Due to knitted mesh’s form and structure the product is ideal for removing Sulphur from distillates like vodka, rum etc.

5. Knitted wire mesh is also ideal for electromagnetic shielding. The knitted wire mesh is applied to isolate electrical devices from their surroundings and to cables to isolate wires from the environment. The aim of the electromagnetic shielding process is to lower the electromagnetic field by barricading it with conductive or magnetic material. One of the advantages of knitted wire mesh is that depending on which metal the mesh is made of the knitted mesh can be conductive or magnetic.

6. Knitted wire mesh can be used as knitted cleaning balls. Knitted cleaning balls are more commonly known as cleaning scourers. Features associated with knitted cleaning balls are durability, corrosion and rust resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent cleaning capacity, soft and flexible to protect surface areas. Knitted cleaning balls are commonly used to clean kitchenware, soldering irons and mechanical parts in industrial fields. They are most commonly made from stainless steel, copper or brass wires. Stainless steel knitted cleaning balls are better corrosion resistant therefore it can be used in acid/ alkali environments. While the copper and brass knitted cleaning balls are rust resistant and better for cleaning surfaces of common products without scratching the surfaces.

As we have already established in previous articles; advantages associated with using knitted mesh , difference between wire meshes and knitted wire mesh part 1; knitted wire mesh is a versatile product which can be applied to many tasks in many different industries.

Have you applied knitted wire mesh in any other ways than mentioned above? Why not leave us a comment so that we can add more items to our knitted wire mesh applications list.