Knowing we thoroughly convinced you of the advantages associated with using knitted mesh and informed you on the differences between wire meshes we know it is time to show you all the ways you can apply knitted mesh over various industries. That is what this article is about – showing you every day and not so everyday applications for knitted wire mesh.

Knitted wire mesh can be used for liquid-gas filtration systems. The knitted wire mesh acts as a filter between liquids and gases. These filters can be used in many industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, cooking etc. An example of a knitted wire mesh filter used in the cooking industry is also known as a grease filter. A grease filter is placed above cooking areas to eliminate entrained grease and fat.

Knitted wire mesh can be utilized as mist eliminators or demisters pads for the goal of mist elimination. Mist elimination is important in processes where liquid droplets can cause technical problems such as reduced process efficiency, loss of product, loss of process fluids, physical damage etc. Mist eliminators and demister pads remove entrained liquid droplets from a gas stream by impingement of the droplets on the wire surface. The droplets start to combine and increase in size until they are large enough to drain from the pad by gravity into the pool of liquid below.

Knitted wire mesh can also be used as engine breathers to act as filtration in vehicles. An engine breather also known as a breather pipe is a pipe that allows an internal combustion engine to vent pressure out of the engine. The breather pipe is important for better compression and less oil consumption while improving horsepower. Knitted wire mesh is the ideal material to be used as filters for breather pipes. A knitted wire mesh filter can remove oil droplets of various sizes and therefore result in reduced emissions which in turn protects the environment.

Knitted wire mesh can be utilized for sound damping in the motor vehicle industry. Knitted wire mesh is unique in its ability to facilitate four different ways of noise suppression. Knitted wire mesh acts as a physical sound barrier, vibration damper, sound absorber and air flow regulator. This is why it can be used as silencers in air motors and starters, cylinders and valves as well as mufflers in motor vehicles.

As you can see knitted wire mesh has many practical applications that make this product not only unique but revolutionary.