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Case Study: Demister Rebuild

When talking about demister rebuilds one specific case comes to mind. In this case we had a client with very specific needs. The client wanted us to remove an existing demister from a tower, exchange the old mesh with new mesh and reinstall the demister into the tower. Various challenges were identified when this project was considered: The first challenge was the constricted timeline since we were only allocated 3 days to complete the project. Other challenges were the amount, dimensions and weight. The demister which needed replacing was made up of 41 sections of which each section weighed [...]

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Using Knitted Mesh for Noise Suppression & Vibration Reduction

Exceptional Noise Suppression and Dispersion with Knitted Wire Mesh Noise—whether continuous or intermittent—is unpleasant, reduces productivity, and may even promote hearing loss. In addition, meeting OSHA, MESA, and other state and federal legislative requirements mandates that manufacturers incorporate effective noise suppression in equipment. Basically, there are four ways to achieve noise suppression: Add a physical sound barrier Install a vibration damper Provide sound absorption Metering the air flow Only knitted wire mesh functions as all four—economically and as a single-composite material. Due to its basic structure, knitted wire mesh provides exceptionally efficient absorption of high-energy sound. Beyond acting as a physical [...]

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Knitted Wire Mesh Applications Part 1

Knowing we thoroughly convinced you of the advantages associated with using knitted mesh and informed you on the differences between wire meshes we know it is time to show you all the ways you can apply knitted mesh over various industries. That is what this article is about – showing you every day and not so everyday applications for knitted wire mesh. Knitted wire mesh can be used for liquid-gas filtration systems. The knitted wire mesh acts as a filter between liquids and gases. These filters can be used in many industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, cooking etc. An example [...]

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What is knitted wire mesh?

Knitted wire mesh is a wire mesh well known for its unique structure. As the name implies the wire is knitted with an industrial machine in the same way wool jerseys are knitted. The wire is arranged in a loop formation where through the next loop is hooked to form a hive like formation.  SMI is privileged to be in possession of twelve of these industrial knitting machines for the production of the best quality knitted wire mesh. The production process associated with knitted wire mesh results in many advantages and practical application opportunities. The advantages are durability, flexibility, sustainability, compressibility, [...]

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What is the difference between Knitted, Woven, Welded and Expanded Mesh

Have you ever wondered about the differences between knitted, woven, welded and expanded mesh? If you have you are not alone. Whether it is the confusing names or the similar appearances is unknown. A lot of people find themselves confused when confronted with which product they need. Never fear we are about to describe each product in detail and explain the many individual applications for each product. Knitted Mesh is easily distinguishable from other types of mesh with the knitted appearance. This type of mesh is made up of wire knitted together to form a hive like structure. SMI has 12 [...]

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Knitted Wire Mesh in the Automotive Industry

Whether in radiators or catalytic converters - knitted wire fabric is used frequently in modern automobiles. DHD Technology, a leading company in the process and environmental engineering sector based in Spalt near Nuremberg, Germany, supports its partners in the automotive and automotive suppliers industry with many years of experience. The tailored solutions range from filtration to storage and insulation. The innovative fabrics from DHD Technology can contain up to 5 strands - smooth or wavy. The diversity of knitted materials comprises steel, various stainless steels and copper. Monel®, plastic monofilament, multifilaments, aluminium, glass and carbon can also be processed, however. Wires [...]

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High Performance Filters Separate the Good from the Great

Petrochemical solutions producers Chemflo is providing chemical compatibility and separation solutions for challenges arising from new technology and innovations in the petrochemical industry. Three of the new technology and innovation trends that has impacted on cartridge filter use and coalescer separation processes are; low sulphur diesel, alkylation, and the increasing use of methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) for amine sweetening. A coalescer is a technological device performing coalescence, which is the fusion or blending of parts, in this case a liquid contaminant from a liquid process fluid. Low Sulphur diesel Chemflo manufactures filter elements and coalescer cartridges specifically for ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) [...]

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Knitted Wire Mesh: Applications & Products

Knitted wire mesh (also known as knit wire or knitted wire) is a metal, ceramic or synthetic wire knitted into a mesh of interlocking loops. This mesh is strong, flexible, and resilient—giving knitted wire mesh utility in a number of applications that other materials are unsuited for.  The resiliency, or “springiness,” coupled with heat and corrosion resistance makes knitted mesh ideal for applications where seals, sleeves and connections exist in extreme climate settings such as exhaust components and systems. The knitted mesh is ideal for sound attenuation, vibration and shock suppression, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference shielding (acting as a Faraday cage), [...]

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